A Renowned Employment Law Attorney Whose Results Speak For Themselves

When you only get one chance to argue your case in court, you want an attorney like Michael T. Conway by your side.

An Ohio Employment Law Attorney Known For Litigation Skills And Courtroom Success

A Talented Attorney Revered In The Legal Community

Michael T. Conway is a former Marine Corps captain and is currently a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and a Lead Counsel rated lawyer. He has handled thousands of cases in the last three decades in Ohio, Texas and elsewhere, including overseas. This experience has given him a deep understanding of what will work to get you justice and what will not. Other law firms often call on him as an advisor and many of his cases are studied by law students.

Representing People And Small Businesses 

All Americans have a right to their day in court, regardless of who they are or where they come from. We represent businesses and individuals of all types, litigating cases in district, circuit and state supreme court. Whether you are an individual who had your rights violated or represent a business that fell victim to unfair competitive practices involving trade secrets, we have the experience, talent and resources to get you justice.

Tenaciously Advocating For Clients

Michael T. Conway is not afraid to file a lawsuit and go after the bad guys personally. If he needs a team of lawyers to move on a case, he puts together an A-team of lawyers to do it. If he needs to get in the face of your old company, he will get in their face. If he needs to stay up all night working, he will stay up all night working. If you were wrongfully injured and the insurance company doesn’t want to give you fair compensation, he will go to battle with the insurance company. If you were wrongfully injured or have an employment rights problem that must to be solved, Michael T. Conway is your man.

What Our Clients Say

“I highly recommend Michael Conway as an attorney. Since my sister was an attorney, I can tell the excellent lawyers from the ordinary ones. After I consulted with and hired Michael Conway as my attorney, I discovered him to be extremely intelligent and knowledgeable. Most importantly, he cares about his clients and will go the extra mile to achieve justice for you!”

– Susan

“Michael Conway is a no-nonsense attorney and believes in justice. I have just won a victory over a very large corporation with a team of law firms behind them. Michael Conway does not back down and knows the law and rights for his client. He will tell you if you have a case or not before wasting your time and giving you false hopes.”

– John

“In a world of giants, you will not be forced to feel small with Attorney Michael T. Conway. He fought and settled my wrongful termination case for more money than I ever anticipated. He is authentic, a straight shooter, and a true man of integrity that will fearlessly chase the other side up the hill, to get to the truth and guarantee that justice prevails. I highly recommend Attorney Conway- he is, distinctly, the very best in his field of expertise.”

– Angela

“I contacted Mr. Conway in 2013. I was wrongfully terminated from a position. Mr. Conway knew I was wronged and took my case right away. From the time he took on the case, until it’s conclusion this year, Mike Conway fought for my rights in court. I found him to be a very tough and determined attorney. I would recommend Mike Conway to anyone needing a lawyer to fight for them. Again, let me say thank you for the excellent work.”

– Randy

“Attorney Mike Conway represented me in a lawsuit involving an unjust termination by my employer. Mike Conway had more knowledge of business law than the company’s attorneys, which not only made them look stupid, but forced their hand in my favor, or else risk extremely expensive litigation trying to defend their course of action. In my opinion, Mike Conway has mastered his profession. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal remedy in a business environment.”

– Louis

“You are absolutely phenomenal!! I even cried when I read your documents. God Bless You – Yes, Jesus Bless him abundantly – see how he is helping people and working so hard! I cried because that airline absolutely smeared me after all I did was good for them and I was not even given a defense. Now I have the best ever and I feel vindicated. And this is not just helping me but all other employees they would try to hurt and all passengers flying on those airplanes.”

– Susan B.