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Small Business Defense: When You Need A Tough Litigator To Fight For You

I am legal counsel for small business clients. I represent individuals, business entities and companies of all types who are facing injustice or fell victim to the unfair competitive practices of other businesses, large corporations or government agencies. I am a litigation attorney and I have been litigating cases for over 30 years. I founded the law firm of Michael T. Conway & Company in Brunswick to fight for justice on behalf of my clients in northeastern Ohio. If you need an aggressive litigator, I am a trial attorney in state and federal court, and I have managed cases all the way through to the state supreme court.

Harassment Litigation And Unfair Competition

Sometimes it is tough to go up against and fight a battle against a large corporation or a government agency. Either has access to endless resources. Neither should be allowed to use their size to their advantage to prevent fair trade and competition. I help individual clients and businesses with the following:

  • Enforcing or fighting noncompete agreements
  • Protecting trade secrets
  • Pursuing breach of contract cases

I also have extensive experience working with federal government employees who are navigating the Merit Systems Based Protection Board (MSPB) and facing partisan politics or unwarranted disciplinary action. If a large corporation, government agency or individual is taking advantage of you or your small business, chances are they are taking advantage of others too. By standing up against them and hiring an attorney who can fight for justice on behalf, you are helping to prevent others from suffering similar fates.

Seeking Justice: Defending And Protecting My Clients’ Rights

With decades of experience, I know how to put out fires before they start. I can be your shield and work to predict and block whatever is coming your way. I am a seasoned litigator and a passionate defender. I won’t stop until they have paid for the mess they caused. I will protect you or your small business from unjust practices. I also protect employees fighting for their employment rights who have experienced harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination. I protect those who need help protecting themselves.

Legal Counsel For Small Business: Free Initial Consultation. Call Now.

I offer a free, initial consultation appointment so that I can understand the facts and circumstances of your case and explain more about how I can help you fight for justice. Call me today at 330-227-4026 or send an email through my website to schedule your free appointment.